Facebook Hacking is a major challenge in today’s online community. The alarming number of hacking in the world’s most popular Social Media platform Facebook is overwhelming. Today a whole lot of people are victim of Facebook hacking in 2018 alone. According to Yahoo Finance it established that Facebook announced it got hacked and 50 million accounts were compromised.

In this Article, we will focus on five (5) ways to prevent your Facebook account from getting hacked.

The two most important entity when it comes to your Facebook Account is

1. Your username (email/phone number)

2. Your Password.

If any of these is/are compromised then you might be a victim of Facebook hacking.

  • You observe changes to your email or phone number.
  • Your noticed changes to either your Facebook name or birth-date.
  • You observe your Facebook account is sending friend request to unknown people.
  • Messages have been sent to unknown people.
  • Post you did not create have been made and sent on your timeline.

If you are a victim of any of the above scenario your Facebook account have been hacked.

The goal of this article is for you to take preventive measures so as not to be a victim of Facebook hacking.

Spoiler Alert:  To benefit from this article kindly make sure that your Facebook account is updated to the latest version.

These five (5) steps helps in mitigating and securing your Facebook account against hackers.

1. A Strong Password:

A good combination of strong password is one way of making sure your Facebook account is secured. A strong password consists of alphabets (upper and lower cases), numbers and also special character (e.g. hashtag (#), Percentage (%), Ampersand (&) etc.). Combining these makes your account less vulnerable to attack.

Steps in creating a Strong Password:

At the top left hand side of your phone there is a three dash Icon… Click on it

Choose Settings and Privacy

Choose Settings

Choose Security and Login

Choose Change Password.

Choose a Stronger Password

2. Setting Up Two Factor Authentication:

Another thing you want to pay attention to is setting Two Factor Authentication. How it works.

If someone gains access into your account without your authorization, a code is sent to your phone, Facebook will ask them to input that code. But since they don’t have access to your phone they cannot access your account.

Setting up Two – Factor Authentication

1. Choose settings and privacy

2. Choose Settings

3. Choose Two Factor Authentication

It will prompt you to turn it on, follow the simple steps and questions Facebook ask you. That is it! You have setup two-factor authentication.

3. Update Your Email Address And/Or Password If You Have Forgotten Them:

Make sure you still have access to the phone number or email you use in creating your account. The reason been when an account is compromised Facebook tries to recover by sending email notification on how you can recover it, but if you don’t have access to your email account that is a big problem… Most Facebook account we have recovered is as a result of the victim not knowing or remembering their email address or Facebook password. Because the most common and vulnerable case of Facebook hack is the hacker gaining control or changing their victim’s email address. The solution is to update your account to an email you have access to and also subscribe for Facebook email notifications… The steps to carry this out are as follows

Steps to change or update the email you use as your username on Facebook

Settings and privacy


Select Personal Information

Then update to your desired email address.

You can also use this steps to update phone number after personal information just select phone field and update.

4. Subscribe To Email Notifications On Facebook:

This is very necessary because in case of compromise, Facebook always detect and send mails. But if you do not subscribe to email notifications you might not get it.

Steps on how to set up email notifications

Settings and Privacy


Scroll down till u see notification setting

Choose turn on notifications and select email notification and follow the prompt

5. Disconnect Unknown Active Sessions:

These are devices that are currently or have logged into your account. Maybe in a cafe, use of friend’s phones, carelessly put out Facebook personal information without logging out etc. This can be a huge threat today. So how do you make sure no device have authorize access or can log into your Facebook account?

Well you don’t need to go and find the person or device you can simply do it on your phone.

Steps To Disconnecting Unknown Active Sessions

Settings and privacy


Select Security and Logins

You will see device that are logged onto your Facebook Account

Select any strange device on the list and log out the device.

Bonus Tip

Avoid Spam Links (Keyloggers):

They do come in this scenario, Click to win 30gb of data, free amazon gifts etc… They are what we call phishing site their goal is to trap your most important and gain access to your personal information. You see them in Whats-App, Broadcast Messages, Facebook Messenger etc… Avoid such links, they are phishing websites with the goal of gaining access to your most important information to use against.

Follow these steps and save yourself of the hassle of being a victim of Facebook Hack.

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