How to effectively use the hashtag has been a subject of controversy especially from social media enthusiast and professional alike. But the overall concept of effectively using the hashtag started in 2007, with Chris Messina the first to tweet using the pound (#) sign on twitter. According to him, the sole motivation is to streamline and organize conversation in groups so that people can tweet related topic more organized. and that was how the social media hawker (not the white hawker), Hashtag was born.


Today, all social media network effectively makes use of the hashtag. Twitter is credited as the first social media network to have used the hashtag. and also have the best structure for its implementation in terms of conversation and trends). to some, hashtag is more effective for creating brand awareness to others it’s the most useful resource to increase brand’s visibility.

one of the sole benefit of hashtags especially for businesses is that it helps in brand discoverabililty and also allows in finding relevant content from other people and businesses.


The hashtag is basically divided into two

  1. Branded Hashtags
  2. Unbranded Hashtags


Branded Hashtags has to deal with an individual or brand trying to promote a particular project or the brand itself. It main purpose is for brand awareness or to create a specialize group where people can join in the conversation. e.g let’s say a brand XYZ is embarking on a child care project to drive out malaria it could use the #StopMalariaWithXYZ or simply #DriveOutMalaria. branded hashtags helps to explain a cause and also attract people with similar passion or interest and they are set to always cause a trend. Twitter and Instagram are great medium for utilization.


for Unbranded Hashtags, this kind of hashtags is basically focused on visibility. it’s simply the kind of hashtags whereby an individual or brand decides to use searchable keywords in a particular niche or industry so as to make the brand get visible in broader search when such keywords are being searched. e.g your brand is into ladies fashion a hashtag like #LadiesFashion or #LadiesWear will make the right audience to easily locate your brand. A broad hashtag like #Fashion is too broad for this instance; it could be male or female. a platform like Facebook is also great for unbranded hashtags because if you click on the hashtag or search through the search box, you will see brand’s that have consistently used the hashtag. the key here is consistency.


when using hashtag for any purpose its pertinent not to use more than two hashtags in a post. why? because people wants to read your content (content is king), it is generally perceived that you or your brand is spammy, it looks messier and based on statistics the conversion rate for such post is drastically low.

how have you been using hashtags on social media and how do you think is the best way to use it. please i will love to hear your opinion on this subject in the comment below.


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